(Stationery letterhead: American YMCA on Active Service with the American Expeditionary Force)
(Addressed to Mr. James McCoy, Trevlac, Ind., Brown Co., U.S.A.)

Sept. 4 & 5, 1918

Dear Father:

Will try and write you a few lines. I've been having so much fun down town that it took up most of my spare time, which is very little. I am going to write you once a week anyway, if I don't hear from you. I know you write to me but the mail system seems to be out of kelter. I believe you get my letters so I am going to keep writing until I come home again, even if I don't get a line from you.

I'm ok in this place and like it fine. I step out once in a while and get up a deaf and dumb conversation with some Frenchie and have a barrel of fun. Tuesday, Sept. 2nd was payday. I had a lot of money loaned out here among the boys and they all doughed up, so I drew 279 ½ francs. I sent you 226 francs ($40.00). I turned it over to the YMCA and they gave me a receipt so if you don't get it by Dec. 3rd, I will go back on them with my receipt. It will go from Paris through New York bank by cable, so you ought to get it pretty soon. So pay Ira and use the rest to suit yourself. I've got all I'll need for a long time and I couldn't spend it myself. There's nothing here in France to buy but Vin Blanc, white wine, and I don't use that. The U.S. furnishes the tobacco, clothes and grub. Matches don't cost much so I have everything I need. I don't understand how so many of the boys get away with their money. They all get $33.00 per month and about nine tenths of them are broke in two weeks after payday. I guess some of them like the madamoiselles pretty well and I can't blame them for that. I do, too, but when I figure that there's 10 to 20 soldiers to one girl, why it doesn't appeal to me to go only just about so far with them. I'm a great advocate of the "safety first" scheme, eh!

I found one fellow here who came from Illinois who says he is a nephew of Jim Alexander. That's the closest to home I've got on this side yet. His name is Lester Alexander. About the first thing any of the boys asks a new man coming in is what state are you from. I find that Indiana is pretty well represented here.

Well, I must close for this time. Tell all the kids I'm ok and to write to me. Maybe some of them will get a letter through. Tell me all the news. As ever your son,

Private Lawrence McCoy
Co. H. 35th U.S. Engineers
A.P.O. 735
American E.F., France

Sept. 9th

Got a letter from Frank with his, Harley's and Bill's picture. Also a letter from Mary McCoy.

L Mc