(Stationery YMCA On Active Service with the American Expeditionary Forces)
(To Sister Bessie, age 12)

Nov 26 1918

Hello Beckie:

How's the girlie, ok? Well, Thursday is Thanksgiving and we have a big program and field meet. Our Regiment is going to be present and we are going to have games of all sort and a lot of races and athletic contests of all kinds. I am in the wall scaling contest. We (8 of us) start at the crack of a gun towards a 12 foot wall, sling our rifles on our back, and over the wall as quick as possible line up on the other side. There is a team from each regiment and the one that does it the quickest wins the honors for their regiment.

There will be bronco busting and everything else. Oh, we shine in the eyes of the French over here. They have seen as many sights as we have. They think we are the most wonderful people on earth.

Oh, you hope I have a good time. Well, I sure have, believe me. I've had the time of my life. I would give a lot to have you all over here for awhile. No, I got plumb lost from Colba, don't know where he is anymore. I haven't got any of the pictures of Colba and me, but if you got that bunch I sent home when I came across, why just cop yourself one, see!

Well! Well! I'll bet Homer is some detective. I'll bet he couldn't track a skunk. Had ought to be in the Army. We need a good housecleaner! I thought Homer was old enough to quit going on wild goose chases. I got done a good deal younger than Homer is now.

Oh yes, you want to take good care of Allie and don't let her stick her fingers in the hot sealing wax any more, or she won't be able to squeeze Pietro any more, ha! Ha! Well, Bessie, you know we little boys have to hit the hay when the bugle blows and here she goes "rat a tat tat"

As ever your brother,

Pvt. Lawrence McCoy
Co. H 35 Regiment
Transportation Corps
American Expeditionary Forces, France

I've got to "por tea" to bed, eh! (Por tea is French for "go away to")