(Stationery is YMCA On Active Service with the American Expeditionary Force)

Letter No. 1
Camp Pullman
LaRochelle, France

Jan. 12, 1919

Hello Ma:

How are you coming these days. I'm just fine, not working so hard any more, only 8 ½ hours per day. We're trimming up for a big dance Sat. night. We danced the old year out and the new one in so I guess dancing will be the order of the day for awhile. I'm having a fine time now that the war is over and we're about done building cars. Of course, I would like to see you all but am not what you would call homesick.

But Rich is the homesickest guy you ever saw. His people are pretty well to do and he never had to be away from home before, so no wonder he is homesick. We have some boys here that are pretty homesick. It's getting to be dangerous to sing "Indiana" any more for some homesick Hoosier may take a swat at your best eye, ha! Ha!

I heard one guy start it this AM and I says "Hey buddy, what part are you from?" He yelled "Wabash Co. town of Wabash on the Wabash river, the best d___ town on the map." Ha! Ha! There is a bunch of guys here from every state in the union, but most of them came from Indiana and Pennsylvania.

I don't know what the main idea is in us staying here, but I know what I think it's for. You see, they think we don't know enough, I guess. They are getting up schools, teaching us different things. Some of the principal subjects are mechanics, french language and civil government, etc.

Well, thought I would send you a little souvenir from France. They are selling these things over here by the carload, so thought would send you a few, ha! Ha!

Thought I would number a few letters to see if you get all I wrote. Be sure and answer these letters and mention number and save the letters. Let Pa read this. Well, I guess I'd better close for tonight I have already sent you a lot of post cards. Hope you get them OK. Well, be good and keep well. As ever your son,

Private L. McCoy
99 Co. Trans Corps
APO 735
American E.F.