(Stationery is YMCA On Active Service with the American Expeditionary Force)
(To Sister Bessie, age 12)

Camp Pullman
LaRochelle, France

Jan. 12, 1919

Hello Bessie:

Will send you a little souvenir de France now for I don't think I will be able to get very much through with me if they take everything we got and give us all new stuff before we get on the boat. I don't know when we will leave here but maybe in a couple of months.

We are about out of car material. We are just scraping the yards for pieces and there's not more than 3 or 4 train loads a week coming in, and that won't last long. We soon won't have much to worry about. Only reveille, and that worries us considerable, since it gets us out of bed before daylight, ha! Ha!

One of our Lieutenants told us this PM that we would be here longer than we thought at first but we won't have much to do and we are going to have a pretty good time, I guess. Anyway they have promised us all kinds of entertainment and have another big dance on the schedule for Saturday night.

I don't mind staying over here, if I could just see you all right away for a week or two, I wouldn't care for another six months of France. If it is absolutely necessary for us to stay, why we can do it.

Well, be good, Bessie, and write soon. As ever your brother,

Private L. McCoy
99 Co. Trans. Corps
APO 735
American E.F.