(Stationery is YMCA On Active Service with the American Expeditionary Force)
(To sister Alice, age 17)

Camp Pullman
LaRochelle, France

Jan. 12, 1919

Hello Allie:

Here is a little souvenir de France for you. It isn't much but about all I can send you in a letter.

We are about "finish" with this car stuff but guess we will be here, or at least on this side of the frog pond some place, for a few months yet. Of course, we can't never tell what minute we will get orders to move. I don't care if we don't stay here. The more they move us about, the more I will get to see and I might just as well see it while I'm here, for when I touch U.S. soil again, I'm "finish" with France forever.

They have sorted and picked out all the sick, lame and lazy and dizzy guys till we are not quite so big a regiment as we were. I don't know how they came to miss me in the dizzy bunch. Guess they thought I was too bad off to be moved, ha! Ha!

We are going to have some entertainment here toots weet, big dance Sat. night in the mess hall. I've seen some good times in the Army and a devil of a lot of hard ones, but I am considerably better satisfied in the Army than I ever thought I'd be.

Well, answer soon. Tell me all the news and take care of Mother. As ever your brother,

Private Lawrence McCoy
99 Co. Trans Corps
APO 735
American E.F.