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Husband: Hugh MCCLARY

   Born: 8 OCT 1805       at: Kentucky  
Married: 7 JUN 1831       at:   
   Died: 29 JUN 1887      at: Indiana  
 Father:Samuel MCCLARY
 Mother:Jane DALHOUSE
        Other Spouses: 

   Wife: Savannah Jane LOCKRIDGE

   Born: 1810             at: Virginia  
   Died: 1894             at: Brown County, Indiana  
 Father:Samuel LOCKRIDGE
 Mother:Elizabeth Ann KALE
        Other Spouses: 


   Name: Sarah Jane MCCLARY
   Born:                  at:   
Married: 8 MAR 1860       at:   
   Died:                  at:   
Spouses: Joel MCCOY  

   Name: Elizabeth MCCLARY
   Born:                  at:   
Married:                  at:   
   Died:                  at:   

   Name: John Henry MCCLARY
   Born:                  at:   
Married:                  at:   
   Died:                  at:   

   Name: Mary Ann MCCLARY
   Born: 3 JAN 1834       at: Virginia  
Married: 15 APR 1857      at:   
   Died: 25 JAN 1916      at: Brown County, Indiana  
Spouses: John MCCOY  

   Name: Nancy J. MCCLARY
   Born: 5 SEP 1839       at:   
Married: 5 MAY 1859       at: Brown County, Indiana  
   Died: 22 JUN 1925      at:   
Spouses: James Addison FLEENER  

   Name: Samuel MCCLARY
   Born: 17 MAY 1843      at:   
Married: 9 SEP 1865       at:   
   Died: 20 FEB 1930      at:   
Spouses: Mary Ann BRANSTETTER  Margaret ARCHER  

   Name: James MCCLARY
   Born: 25 AUG 1845      at: Brown County, Indiana  
Married:                  at:   
   Died: 20 MAR 1915      at:   
Spouses: Nancy Jane FLEENER  

   Name: Hugh MCCLARY
   Born: 30 OCT 1847      at:   
Married: 10 JAN 1869      at: Brown County, Indiana  
   Died: 1924             at:   
Spouses: Mary C FLEENER  

   Name: Julia MCCLARY
   Born: 29 NOV 1850      at:   
Married: 8 MAR 1868       at:   
   Died: 11 DEC 1933      at:   
Spouses: Nathaniel FRITCH  

   Name: Franklin Pierce MCCLARY
   Born: 30 JAN 1854      at:   
Married:                  at:   
   Died: 19 DEC 1925      at:   
Spouses: Lavice ARMSTRONG  


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