This listing is a work in progress. Those listings that have been completed are shown in the index in the left margin.

If you find a mistake or can fill in missing information, please e-mail me.
DaveMarlett@BrownCountyGenealogy.com All help is appreciated.

Speaking of help!

If you would like to volunteer to help put these listings together please let me know and I will send you a section to type. I can scan and e-mail or fax you an image of an index listing made up by the Brown County Alumni Association. The listing is not of sufficient quality to use OCR on, so it must be typed. If you like I can send you the OCR output file along with the image of the page and you can just do the correction, but there isn't much difference in the amount of work required to simply type the pages. (The originals were typed on a manual typewriter and have many notes penciled in.)

If you have a particular school and year you would like to transcribe, contact me at